30 STM são dupla platina em Portugal!

É oficial! O cd This is War já conquistou a dupla platina em Portugal! Esta notícia foi confirmada pelos próprios membros da banda no site oficial!
Sem dúvida que nós somos os melhores e mais dedicados echelons do mundo! :)


 Thirty Seconds To Mars

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 Swoop on Poland
“Mars assault, Mars attack, doesn’t feel any mercy!” That was in Cracow, also that will be in December in Warsaw, where the band want to give a second show!
[PHOTO: Do you know that video for “A Beautiful Lie” is first one in the history, which shot in Greenland?]
Both Polish shows- this behind us and this still ahead- promote 3rd studio work by band- “This Is War”. It seems that guys very rightly place much emphasis on promoting the newest album, on which they experiment “a bit”. Result of these combinations- marriage with pop and electronic music- could be losing some percent of fans. Because was proved that by 3rd album 30STM want to go into mainstream and rip off a patch of “screamo band”, what they got after success of noisy 2nd album “A Beautiful Lie”.
Heavy time
However before 3rd longplay saw the light of day and tiger showed teeth from the cover of “This Is War”, in August 2008 Leto brothers band was started shocking by law’s disagreeableness. Their contemporary label, Virgin Records, sued a band for breach term of contract from 1999 whereby musicians supposed to record five albums to 2008- and for the moment, when quarrel started, Jared and company could pride by only two records. Conflict on the line label- musicians could finish even by make a dent of band’s budget on 30 million dollars , because on this price Virgin company valuated its wastes. Theme blew over when Jared announced that musicians are just intensely concerned on work by new album, because of what Virgin finished the quarrel amicably and last, 3rd 30STM’s CD was born just in stable of this company. We don’t have official information if record’s title pertain to freshly accommodated conflict, though it would be pretty in style of rolling stone Jared.
Genre’s mix
On “This Is War”, despite of a title, contrarily vainly search a battle drums, cannons and volleys. Especially these rock ones.  “Martians” music was dominated electro married with monotonous drums, but we like the fact that Jared, Shannon and Tomo clearly fix by this album, what band they made and that they’re bored of drawer “emo” or “screamo”, and we think that now musicians are closer to… U2 that to fenced scream, what is an identification mark of two previous records. Favorable reviews of new record induce Jared to remind everyone, that band survived creditable chaff shambles in order to record emerge. “These two years over when we recorded 3rd album were for us like trip to the hell and back.” But crowd of fans in tees with band logo who at the end of August hog Cracow, where the band came for the concert empathically proved, that effort related with face the fate’s opposites paid off with percent. Leto &company were such impressed of enthusiastic welcome by Polish public, that not only shouted in Lesser Poland’s (this is a region in Poland) air, but also going to keep their word. Is officially known already, that band tees must prepare for on December 14th, because that day  the band will play on Warsaw’s Torwar!
Pierogies and public
And rather first Polish public, and only on second place pierogies conquer hearts of singing actor, his brother Shannon and Tomislav Milicević, guitarist from Sarajevo. Especially Tomo, who is cook and confectioner by education. Remind, that he joined the band in 2003 after previous guitarist, [Bassist] Matt Wachter [in 2007] announced that he want to spend more time with family and resign from playing with 30STM. And although Jared accepted this decision with understanding, we don’t know certainly if he didn’t go mad when ex-guitarist joined other alternative band, Angels & Airwaves. If you didn’t be able to be in Cracow, to persuade yourself  how band cope without Matt, you have a chance for this in capital on December 14th!
[PHOTO: We are the fans of Jared’s hair revolutions: from plane “licked” to soft mohawk.]
Occasion for fans of film Jared!
Do you miss Jared-actor? Run to the cinema to watch the newest film with him in main role- of father and husband, who is waking up one day in 2029 as 120-years-old man, the oldest man on the Earth, where, as a result of fast-running medicine’s progress all the people are immortal. Because of this reason no one is interested in old Nemo Nobody. And he must answer the question himself , how his life was. Premiere of “Mr Nobody” movie on November 22nd already!
Info about band:
Year of start: 1998
Name and its meaning: 30 Seconds To Mars; drew from Harvard professor’s story who claim, that thanks to science in this century already, journey to other planets will be possible and  take us up only dozens seconds.
Descent: USA (Los Angeles)
Current members: Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicević and Tim Kelleher (tour musician)
Former members: Matt Wachter, Solon Bixler, Kevin Drake
“This Is War” (2009)
“A Beautiful Lie” (2005)
“30 Seconds To Mars” (2002)
Scans e tradução: MARYCHA 

Fotos | Jared leto na gala de Genorosidade

credito: Frazer Harrison

Poster do filme TT3D

Jared Leto deu a voz a este documentario, e este é o poster de lançamento do filme/documentário.
Agora esperamos pelo trailer.


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Os 30 seconds to mars vao actuar no programa Lopez Tonight dia 21 de Março.

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Making of "Beautiful Lie"

Quarta-feira, às 20.00, na TVI24 passará o "Making of" do video "A Beautiful Lie" 

dos 30 Seconds to Mars, no  programa "Casos do Mundo". 

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