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Em nome do blog, quero desejar a todos os nossos visitantes, um feliz ano novo, e que 2011 seja ainda melhor que este ano!
E, obrigada a todos os que visitaram o blog, ficamos( as colaborados do blog) que apreciam o nosso trabalho.

jared loiro novamente!!

como podemos ver pela foto, jared voltou ao loiro platinado!! esta foto foi tirada hoje.

Chatting with 30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Milicevic by Deanna Rilling Wed, Dec 29, 2010

30 Seconds to Mars has been to Vegas a few times this year. Anything stand out?

I’m a lover of Vegas, I have to admit it. I love the filth and the raunch and all of it, and I’m a fan of gambling. For me and my chick, we come there and we just have a blast. We’ve never really done an official New Year’s Eve show, so we were like, “Let’s go to Vegas and celebrate the end of the year together and have a concert and do the whole thing.”

How will the New Year’s Eve show differ from previous gigs?

Something we do often is a 30 Seconds to Mars theme night, where we’ll put out a Twitter blast and get all the fans to participate in a common theme for the show. We’ve done War Paint night, or White Night, where everyone dresses in all white clothes, and we do, too. We also do funny stuff like Yuppie Night and Doctor Night. But in honor of the release of our new video for “Hurricane” we’re doing an S&M/bondage theme for New Year’s Eve, which we thought was quite fitting for Vegas, where everyone’s just a bunch of freaks anyways.

How did the band decide to invite fans onstage during concert finale “Kings and Queens”?

If you look back to the beginning of this record, the theory behind it and the things that we were trying to do, it’s all about sharing the experience with people. For us it’s a very common, very natural thing to want to include people as much as possible, so people can really feel like they can have some ownership of their band.

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outro video feito por fas para o aniversario do jared

MTV Buzzworthy Blog's Music Fan Favorites Of 2010:

O video HURRICANE dos 30 seconds to mars, ganhou como o video mais épico e inesquecível!! parabéns aos 30 seconds to mars pelo video que sem dúvida é inesquecível, uma obra de arte!! e parabéns aos fãs(echelon) que votaram!!

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Best International Band: 30 SECONDS TO MARS
Best Live Band: 30 SECONDS TO MARS
Best Album: THIS IS WAR
Hero of the Year: JARED LETO
Most Stylish: JARED LETO
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presente da Echelon da Russia-video

Video dos Echelon para o aniversário do Jared Leto

feliz aniversario jared leto- video by joana santos

credito :joana santos

fotos jared leto ás compras com a mãe 24/12/2010



PARABÉNS !! jared leto
Em relaçao ao projecto do aniversario dele, como ja sabem, tudo o k voces teem mandado começará a ser colocado aqui no blog a aprtir do dia 2 de janeiro de 2011. Por isso, continuem a mandar, fotos, desenhos, frases que podem ser relacionadas com o jared como sobre a banda!!o que voces quiserem!!

projecto para o aniversario do jared leto

este projecto esta relacionado com o aniversario do jared, foi feito pela 30stmday(assim cohnecida no twitter) teve uma ideia maravilhosa de fazer tal como a faces of mars, juntando 500 fotografias de fas. vale apena ver!!http://ow.ly/i/6I7e/original, eu tambem estou la!!=)

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jared leto Birthday

As we all know, next Sunday the 26th Jared celebrates 39th anniversary!
To celebrate this date, Jared Leto Portugal has a challenge for all echelons!
We ask all fans to pull for their imagination and write the best sentences about Jared and 30 Seconds to Mars. Do not hesitate , use your imagination .... only the imagination and creativity count for this challenge.
send your phrases for our blog e-mail:
- jared_leto.Portugal @ hotmail.com
All entries will be posted on our blog.
Do not forget! Participate and honor this wonderful man and the band,who has given us so much over the years! Love to all!
Ps - Anyone who wants can also help with other materials (drawings, photos, montages...)! We look forward to your participation;)
Can you send your material until the day January 1, 2011 ....

Merry X-mas

fotos jared leto


Jared Leto - 39 aniversário!

Como todos sabemos, no próximo domingo dia 26 o Jared celebra o 39º aniversário!
Para celebrar esta data o Jared Leto Portugal tem um desafio para todos os echelons!
Pedimos a todos os fas que puxem pela sua imaginação e escrevam as melhores frases sobre o Jared e os 30 Seconds to Mars. Não exitem limites de palavras.... só a imaginação e a criatividade contam para este desafio.
Eviem as vossas frases para o e -mail do blog :
Todas as participações serão postadas no nosso blog.
Não se esqueçam!! Participem e homenageiem este homem maravilhoso que tanto nos tem dado ao longo destes anos! Beijos a todos!!
P.s - Quem quiser poderá também contribuir com outros materiais ( desenhos, fotos, montagens...)! Aguardamos as vossas participaçoes ;)

Podem enviar o vosso material até ao dia 1 de Janeiro de 2011....

30 Seconds to Mars no Atlântico - 2010 - Antena3




Feliz Natal/Merry Christmas

jared leto portugal deseja um:

Joyeux Noël
Frohe Weihnachten!!
Glædelig jul!!
Buon Natale!!
a todos os nossos seguidores do nosso blog

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All Eyes On 30 Seconds To Mars Completo -MTV alemã


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Life on Mars? Open Music Interview

While 30 Seconds to Mars‘ fans hurried to get some trumping places near the stage, band members Jared Leto (vocal, guitar), Shannon Leto (drums) and Tomo Milicevic (guitar) were talking with the journalists in the next hall.
Only three TVchannels, one padiostation and our site were allowed to take an interview. ‘It’s a very difficult artist, with it’s temper, so you have to be careful. Show your respect and don’t make him nervous with stupid questions. And no photos!’ We’ve been warned.
A big sofa was brought into the empty room. Especially for the foreign stars. Interviewer should stand in front of them and ask questions. While one Mass Media was talking with artists, the others were waiting behind the door. All the IEC hall was filled with rows of tables. ‘What was happening in here?’ Jared asked. Organizers explained him that the day before there was the dog show. ‘We don’t need no education’. Tomo hummed Pink Floyd’s lines, associating this tables with school desks.
Shannon was little bit irritated by the treatment. They treated the band like little children. The Band was lead everywhere under guards’, organizers’ and label representatives’ surveillance. ‘What are we? Cows? Oh come on!’ he jokes an escort, smiling.
We were the 5th to take an interview. Me and the photographer came in and stood in front of them. ‘Hi, guys’ Jared greeted us. ‘How are you?’ Shannon added. ‘Fine, thanks, how are you?’ I said. ‘Good’ musician answered in chorus. But that was pretty clear, that they were not good at all. The huge tiredness was seen in their eyes.
I laid my Dictaphone on the floor. ‘Maybe you want the chairs? There are in the corner, take ‘em’ Jared said. We agreed, took the chairs, sat in front of musicians. It’s funny, but they didn’t offer the chairs to all the people, who were taking an interview before us.
We were warned, that Jared didn’t feel good. That was clearly seen. We were talking toTomo and Shannon mostly. Jared just looked at us, but that was like he looked through us, and he almost didn’t talk.
Nevertheless, for those modest minutes of our talk, we’ve fished out of ‘Mars’ something interesting.

So, you’ve just come here from Moscow. Tell us couple words about this city, yourmain impressions.

Tomo: Show in Moscow was incredible, unforgettable. We liked Russia a lot.
Shannon: Wonderful people.
Tomo: That was amazing to come back to Russia. And now we’re in Ukraine for the first time, and this is amazing too.

Both Saturday and Sunday Ukrainian fans were on the watch for you at the airport and near the hotel. Many of them met Tomo, but nobody seen Jared and Shannon. Guys, where did you find invisibility cloak?

Shannon: No no, we have awesome ‘wheels’, that made us invisible.
Tomo: That’s right. And I just leave my at home. That happens.
Shannon: Well actually, we arrived from Moscow couple hours before the show, literally.
Tomo: And I’ve come yesterday.

Your last album ‘This Is War’ is solid, epic work with it’s own idea and conception. It’s probably very hard to make step up after that fundamental CD, but maybe you are already thinking of new material, of it’s sound?

Shannon: We’re focused on tour now. We have to finished European tour, then we have US tour. So for now we’re completely focused on ‘This Is War’.

It’s not a secret, that 30 Seconds to Mars have the craziest fans in the world. Really few bands can boast such devoted admirers. Which fans’ presents remarkable most of all for you?

Tomo: The best presents are handmade presents. They’re spending their time and strength. It is inspiring.
Shannon: I think, that the fans themselves are the very best present. The fact, that they give ‘em to us and… ammm… Damn, I messed it up, ok, forget it! (in a whisper, through laugh: ‘God, what the hell am I talking about?’)
Tomo: There were too many wonderful presents to mark out one for the example. We love fan artworks, that based on their interpretation of our songs and glyphs. It’s awesome.

You taking ‘em with you in the tour?

Shannon: Yeah, sure.
Tomo: We have special storage for all this things. One day it’ll all become a wonderful collection.

And you could open the museum.

Shannon: We thought of it.

You’ve presented a new video lately. No, not video, the short film called’Hurricane’. What scenes are your favorite?

Shannon: Oh, there are lots of!
Tomo: Yeah, it’s a hard question.
Shannon: But this part, where Jared jumps through the window was just brain blowing!
Tomo: Yeah, I like that one too. And I also like scene with Shannon in the park.
Shannon: I like Tomo’s hair and the subway scene, oh yeah!

Did some funny things happen on the set of the video?

Jared: (*finally joined the talk) Not that they were funny… There were many impressive moments on the set. Unique. Very difficult. That all was difficult… But funny…

Sometimes creates an impression, that you put your fans’ patience to the test. It’s like you trying how far can you get without losing their devotion and support. For example, your spam with lots of same tweets in Twitter, or your provocative music video ‘Hurricane’, in which you play with sexuality and perversions. Or this strange ‘Hurricane’ single cover. Do you realize, that many of your fans blame 30 Seconds to Mars for their schizophrenia?

Tomo: I’m not afraid. I think, it’s not too apt accusation. You can’t blame your own insanity on someone.
Jared: No, I disagree, Tomo… We have to be responsible for everything we do. And for that too.
Shannon: That’s right.

Tell us about your resent musical impressions. What do you listen, whom you’veopened for yourself?

Tomo: I personally don’t listen too much music, if you wanna know the truth.
Jared: The same here. I haven’t been listening to the music for a long time. I don’t even have an iPod. We’re too busy, traveling constantly. But this year I liked Fever Ray’s album very much. And also this guy.. Jonsy, Ionsy…
Jared: Right.
Shannon: I’ve had some discoveries this year. Listened a lot of Fever Ray. And The Big Pink are great too, know this guys, ha?

Of course, I know. Tell us what are you grateful to this day for?

Tomo: I’m grateful for the opportunity to come to Kiev. This was really a model show, because not every artist has chance to visit Ukraine. Thanks to the people, who helped us to make it possible.

And thank you for coming and for the interview. So in the end we usually ask artists to draw their self-portraits. What do you think?

Tomo: I Pass. I draw bad.
Shannon: Jared draws great.
Jared: Yes, and with great pleasure, give me a paper.
Here .
Jared: I feel bad. Stomachache, you know… And this is what I’m gonna draw.
Jared drew long and infatuating (then he snapped the result, with the words ‘I
need to post it to the Twitter’).
‘While Jared is drawing, can we take come photos?’ we asked despite warning. ‘Yeah, sure, no problem’ – ‘Marses’ answered.

Translated by Natasha Caine
credito:jared leto online
fonte; webteam30stm