VyRT Video | Project by @queen__vicky

All participants will have to send a video of themselves sitting, preferably a wall behind them. You will have to present yourself like they do in group therapies "Hi , i'm --- and i'm a VyRTer" and then, say "I haven't VyRTed for more than 3 months but on April 27 i'm gonna VyRT again".
Also, you can add what you would like, expect or want to see with this experience, or anything you find relevant to say.

In the end, please write in one of your hands "LETS F-ING VyRT" (like J has on the photo) and also say 'Let's fucking VyRT" while you show you hand to the camera.

It's really important the sound quality is good, and to leave pauses between the segments (introduction, presentation, expectations, etc).

Please, send your videos to echelonvids@yahoo.gr until next sunday night.

Project by @queen__vicky

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