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 In 30 seconds to Mars
With Jared Leto talk Katarzyna Janiak.
In June’s Thursday near Berlin’s Kesselhaus gathered big group of fans. Passers-by are looking with interest toward crowd, where is seen red marks- it’s Polish and German Echelon in their club’s t-shirts. International “street team” of band 30 Seconds To Mars just ended stick a stickers and give out handouts, promoting the newest band’s single. Now dozens people from Poland are taking common photo and greeting new fans in red clothes- most of them knew only from the  Internet until now.
In the same time I’m walking through streets of Berlin to meeting with reason of this whole fuss- Jared Leto, Hollywood actor, known from pictures like “Requiem for a dream” or “Alexander”, and besides leader of 30 Seconds To Mars, known from whimsical character and many love conquests. If believed tabloids, because Jared himself is never talking about his private life, he dated among other things with Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olsen, Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz. With Cameron Leto almost was on wedding carpet, to fan’s despair. Luckily for them, their relationship ended by parting.
The closest to meeting place I am, the more intense I think about what questions ask, and what a priori remit, because Leto not only don’t talk about his girlfriends, but also to borders of absurd evade questions about his film career during interviews given as a member of 30 Seconds To Mars. About this last I persuade myself immediately during introducing “talking” with manager of group and later, during interview itself. Leto isn’t easy partner: use difficult words, native to foreign words’ dictionary, metaphors and imagery comparisons, he provoke and to question what he doesn’t like, answer in one word. And in fact, he is relaxed only in two moments: of greeting and farewell…
- You’re in a tour for two years already, detoured America and almost whole Europe, so why you haven’t got round to Poland? You have so many fans here…
- Banal… I haven’t got an invitation.
- Your fans all the time are trying to this. They even write a petition to your managers…
- Petition. It sound serious. So if invite me your government, I will come and play a concert, even for free. I want to build up my culture contacts on whole world and be an ambassador of America, but for this I need an official invitation from your government.
- But seriously, do you realize, that your band belong to this kind of bands, who have even no fans, but believers. Where such commitment in they from?
- This question is to them, not to me. I only can have hope, that this is reflexive reaction, that convince them my devoted to music. Similarly to them, I often subordinate my life to 30 Seconds To Mars. I have no more important priorities.
- I conclude from this answer, that if you had a choice between proposition of exciting film role and make a tour with band, you wouldn’t wonder so long?
- Small correction: I wouldn’t wonder even a moment. Music is first of all.
- And what Echelon is? Because probably not usual fan club? Because it would be weird that fan club was created by artist themselves…
- On the beginning it was idea to show philosophy, which connected with 30 Seconds To Mars. With band from the dawn of its history has tied up definite symbols, graphics, quotes. All incontinent and formed only inspiration to individual interpretation. I became a tool for our fans to communicate between each other and tighten bonds, gave them sense of affiliation to something unusual, what isn’t widely understandable.
- Exactly, just only joined to Echelon take effort: must be recommended by two other members. In connection with Latin, mysterious symbols and sometimes dark temper of your songs bring to mind some kind of cult…
- Not first time I hear this opinion. In official store with stuffs we already even have in sell t-shirts with sign “Yes, this is a cult”. I’m not hiding, that I’m a little tired of still explaining, what Echelon is and for sure it isn’t any sect like Scientology, but I repeat this one more time: this is a place, gathered people with similar interests and passions, who feel acceptable, independent of race, age and sex.
- It must be something in this, if moment ago I met forty years old fan from German Echelon, who has 18 years old son and with him running around town with handouts of band and promote its among passers-by. Other fan do this in company of ten years old daughter.
- And this is it! Music is universal lore. Every division introduce so-called experts. I’m happy, that our fans understand this and don’t give in stupid stereotypes like: “ I’m forty so I shouldn’t admit that I love rock.” It’s not that! If you live through a dozen or so years, listened Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Cure, it won’t happen that immediately, when you blow away a candles from birthday cake, thunder will hit you and you’ll start to listen Celine Dion.
- What do you get your fans in return to their involvement?
- Everything what they only want. This is fair exchange of properties and services.
- And whole time will you give hours after concerts to signing albums?
- Yes. This is our  house mark and way to thanks people for they came to listen us. Otherwise, I want to know fans, not reckon them like anonymous mass. Are people, who only talk about their music, but when talk about fans, show total no interested in them and too big laziness to change this. I promised myself, that I won’t join to them.
- But don’t you afraid, that during these mass meetings with fans crowd will become too excited and come to dangerous situations?
- Totally contrary. Situations like these are more probably, if evaded contact with fans- then they can claim this more intense.
- What the most fantastic to this time have done your fans?
- The most extreme are tattoos with 30 Seconds To Mars’ symbols. Such eternal sign of devoted to band, because after all as a rule will stay for whole life, otherwise is a way to stop a time. Like a photograph.
- Photograph can be destroyed.
- But you don’t blot out the moment, what is immortalized there. The same like tattoo, is a part of your life for better or worse.
- Talking about this, what is impossible to blot out: do you regret that you became an actor first, if reportedly from the childhood you have dreamed about music career?
- It’s not exactly true. On the very first beginning I wanted to be a painter. I even finished relevant school. Acting is an accident, but no, I don’t regret that I’m doing this and I have many plans connected with a film.
- But you rejected a proposition from Clint Eastwood though, because you preferred promote 30 Seconds To Mars’ album?
- Do you regret…?
- No… ( moment of silence) Clint understood this. It seems to he is a musician too. He play jazz perhaps…?
- The most of attention given to 30 Seconds To Mars, is focused on you. It’s not a trouble for a rest of band?
- They don’t complain. After all I’m not only vocalist, but also author of lyrics, music and art director. If I did nothing, and everyone take notice of me, then probably someone would be displeased. But that… Guys laugh, that attention is focused on the most relevant person, because I can manage this, and they not. I ensure them comfort and relative anonymity. Otherwise, involvement is overrated. As a rule, especially outside Hollywood, even doesn’t felt this.
- You mentioned one time, that sometimes you need a moments, what let stop, look at the past and reconsider if this, what you did had a sense and worth to continue this. Worth?
- I’m just recording a new album, playing many of concerts, and fans are more devoted than whenever. I think that in this moment without hesitation I can say, that worth.

Credito : scans e tradução da  Marycha

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