Entrevista | Jared leto na revista MACHINA MAG - Janeiro 2011(tradução em inglês)

 Break oneself of everything.

Famous Hollywood’s actor, god for teenagers and rock man. Jared Leto before the concert in Poland with his group 30 Seconds To Mars explain us, why he couldn’t act John Lennon.
Do you prepare to recording songs similarly to film roles? Reportedly when you should acted drug addict in “Requiem of a dream”, you spent “on a street” to feel how it’s to be homeless?
When I record I don’t need this kind of stimulation. Everything is a result of hard work. Otherwise, I try to insulate from a world a bit. I rather don’t listen other artists’ music. Books and painting inspirited me more. Maybe it’s because I have analytic mind? Is not so much music, which can completely hold me- enough to I don’t start to analyze its particular elements. But returning to the studio- when we recorded “This Is War”, we cut off from the world radically. We really cared about do away with all habits, break off with routine and this is really difficult. It amounted to break oneself of everything, what we have enough time to accustomed to through this all years, and “learned “ our sound completely over again. Because of this recording lasted two years- on the way quite often we waded on cul-de-sac.
Did someone help you in this conversion? It’s rather difficult for band  to take a distance for their yet work.
Yes, on the beginning we often consult with Flood, our producer, who collaborate for example with Depeche Mode and U2, but later we have known ourselves, where we want to come.
Did collaboration with Kanye West at tune “Hurricane” was one of the elements of creating new band sound’s strategy?
Probably yes, but we didn’t think about this, when we invited him to collaboration. We just value his creativity and we think that he is extremely creative and together guy. For the rest, he confirm this during recording.
You play in a band with your brother, drummer Shannon. Do we support or rather compete each other like Gallagher brothers from Oasis?
For sure we aren’t like Oasis. Arguments and fracases are something abstract for us. We grew up together and have had the same music fascinations.  Mutual band since always have been our dream so why would we compete with each other?
You mentioned earlier about U2- one of the tunes from new album, “Kings & Queens” is resemble to “Where the Streets Have No Names” by Bono and company. Are you value them?
Sure, this is one of our favorite bands. We would record something with Bono very gladly, if only occasion came up. He has really awesome voice. I also have always admired his talent to writing perfect lyrics.
Your idol is also John Lennon, but in movie “Chapter 27” from before four years you had to kill him on a screen- you acted Mark Chapman, murderer of famous Beatles.
Lennon’s songs belong to category, about what we talk earlier. I totally fly away  on them, they’re finished masterpieces. As to role in “Chapter 27”, it was exceptional hard experience for me. I’m passing over fact, that I had to put on weight almost 30 kilograms for this role, what was real torture- it is endless gorging. I felt pathetic. Later returned to my normal weight in comparison with this was child’s play. But role of Chapman was difficult also because of psychical reasons. Murderer of Lennon is very dark, diffuse figure. The more I have known his personality, the more difficult was with this role for me.
If it was difficult to you to acted Chapman, perhaps easier to you would be act Lennon himself? Reportedly Liam Gallagher is working already on film adaptation of a book “The Longest Cocktail Party”, which talking about Beatles’ label, famous Apple Records?
This is not a good idea. Any American isn’t able to credible act Lennon. It must be English- with them sense of humor and islanding finesse.
Next year you will be 40. Do you set out to change your life radically, finishing, for example, co-operation with yet label, with who, gently talking, you weren’t in good relationship last time?
No- my career, as this film, like music, is growing up harmoniously and this, what I do give me much of satisfaction. As to changing label- I don’t exclude anything. I only know, that it have things to worry about too, because was came really hard times for music.
Didn’t you think about started own label with band, what decided more and more musicians on?
I’m not burning for this from simply reason- as a band we still need army of people, which sweep logistical side of enterprise called 30 Seconds To Mars. Without them, we don’t cope. After all someone must organize this all concerts and take care of we aren’t baffled. Without label we don’t cope. On the other side, this is rather numb institution- from this were our last frictions with each other.
And because of it you called up to life a group Echelon, that is army of fans, who help promote your music all over the world? Whose idea it was?
This idea gave us Tomo’s cat- Milo. It came to me in a dream and said: “You must create an army of faithful soldiers who help you in your music mission.” (laughter)
In 30 Seconds To Mars  you’re not only writing lyrics and singing. You also directed most of band’s videos. Is it as important for you as create music?
Directing of clips is very exacting, because songs are little stories. And in this modest form must contain concrete story, what extra will support meaning of song. Video become its part so must be equally refined as music itself.
Do you have any favorite videos, what you envy other artists, or directors, who you especially value?
No one, who you don’t know. Chris Cunningham, Jonathan Glazer- that are names what occur in my mind in this moment.
Did you think sometime about directing feature movie?
Yes, it was on my mind. But it would be screenplay what I like and I would have a full creative freedom, and this happen very rarely. Otherwise, how I know myself, surely this would take me up so much time, because if I involve myself in something, I do it for hundred percent. And just already I scarcely have a time for create a music and act in movies. By the way, last time I hit on really excellent idea of documentary, what showing my band during tour.
Can you tell us any details?
No way. I would break a surprise.
You’re more and more popular. Don’t you afraid of people are coming to 30 Seconds To Mars concert only for see “this guy who acted drug addict” in “Requiem for a dream”?
I don’t think that is. When I hear how fans singing in choirs choruses of our songs, I strike something totally different. Otherwise, even if is a group of people who coming to our concerts to see actor Jared Leto, I don’t have a problem with this too. I’m not ashamed of my film roles. So it seems to me that everything is on right place.
Do you set out to devote yourself only to music already? After all when you came to Los Angeles, it was your first love, acting happen incidentally a bit.
That’s true. Music was first.  Now I give all my attention to my band, making concerts and growing up our career. I don’t want to completely resign from acting though. I even don’t reckon this two areas separately. Acting and music are just different ways to express oneself. I keep to rule that I concentrate on what I have in front of the nose. By now this philosophy has worked out good. But on the other side is something, what in music attract me more. Probably is mean about when you create a songs, they’re more your. Movie is a huge machine where working dozens of people. Someone write a screenplay, someone other directing, and also someone different is responsible for shooting. In a band we do everything themselves and if we fucked up something, we can have pretensions only for themselves. At once when we create something good, satisfaction is bigger. But, as I said earlier, I don’t want to break off with acting though. I like it too much.
When we can expect new 30 Seconds To Mars’ CD?
In this moment we aren’t thinking about this and concentrating on promote “This Is War”. Although I admit, that I have in head some ideas for songs, so can be happened that some demos will come into existence already in the next year [2011]. However by now we don’t have concrete plans.
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