Review | Out Last Night: 30 Seconds To Mars at The House of Blues

By Maddie Grussendorf
Post date:
January 25th, 2011 1:21pm

I woke this morning with the image of Jared Leto’s flailing limbs hoisted amidst a sea of pumping fits on my mind, reminiscing on 30 Second to Mars’ second show in a two night stand at the House of Blues. Frontman Jared Leto made it clear rock veterans were in The House. After thirteen years of experience, he owns every inch of the venue stage. Blood loyal fans lined the walls as Leto let the room flood with their voices line after line. Lights cut through the crowd as voices reverberated off the walls, and we all came together in a jump house jamboree.
Leto not only stole the spotlight in last night’s House of Blues’ concert, but he allied the audience in a request to start moshing. If only they could. The crowd was too involved hoisting each other up on their shoulders and clutching their fists against their chest to do anything of the sort. Leto may have wanted a rage, but he got euphoria instead, as the crowd continued to jump, pump, and chant as he sang.
God, did Leto sing, belting his ballads the way he’s famous for, but it was his on stage etiquette that kept the crowd knee deep in each other’s excitement. He’d cut into songs to demand more noise, and rearrange the crowd as he replaced front row texters with crazed back row thrashers, calling for more, more, and more jumping. At times, even the singer seemed to tire, egging the crowd on to sing while he coughed out word by word between breaths with the audience.
Mars came back for one more song along with half the audience by their side. Leto sang “Kings and Queens” with the swaying and screaming of at least a third of his fans behind him on stage. 30 seconds to Mars brought a juggernaut of lights and music to the House of Blues, so much so that the show left me longing for a larger venue. A little advice for the band: next time in Dallas, do one show, but go big.

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